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Salmologic 22g Logic Heads

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LOGIC heads are the perfect solution

for the effective Scandinavian-style of

fly fishing. The LOGIC heads range from

7.0 meters to 10.5 meters, in 9 different

weights and with incredibly small loops.

Note; The density, weight and length

are printed on the color code of all Logic

lines. Salmologic lines come in many

different densities and lengths. Together

with salmologic leaders and running

lines, they will open up endless possibilities

for you in presenting the fly, no

matter how challenging your river might

be when it comes to depth, current or

natural hindrances.

Salmologic lines match all rods on the

market and these ama-zing lines will

allow you to fish more. When spey- or

overhead casting with LOGIC heads, you

will discover a new world of casting possibilities

opening up for you. You will find

your fishing to be effective and effortless

and your fly will spend more time in the

water, fishing ... Enjoy LOGIC heads !

Floating 9.0 m/29.5 feet Off white

Floating/Sink 1 8.5 m/27.9 feet Cream/lt.blue

Floating/Sink 3 8.0 m/26.2 feet Olive

Sink 1/Sink 2 7.8 m/25.6 feet Grey

Sink 3/Sink 4 7.2 m/23.6 feet Lt. brown


Salmologic 22g Logic Heads
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