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Salmologic Nordic SW Heads 18g

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The Nordic Saltwater Shooting Heads

are perfect for the fly fishery along the

Scandinavian coastlines. The unique tapers

are designed for ultimate loop stability,

distance control, turnover ability and

presentation. All heads have a color code

and all lines have a laser imprint showing

the density/length/weight. In both ends

of the heads, you will find small, soft and

flexible loops. These loops, combined

with the amazingly slick cold water coating,

makes it easier to shoot and retrieve

the heads any required distance when

you’re fishing for the challenging Scandinavian

sea trout.

The Nordic Heads are made in two different

densities. We have a standard floating

version, which will cover most of the

Scandinavian saltwater fishing. We also

have a hover version, which means the

line will sit “just below* the surface, giving

you more control over the fly when there

are big waves on the coastline that you

are fishing.

Salmologic Nordic SW Heads 18g
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