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Salmologic Short Cut 24g

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The Ultra Heads are very short heads that

are designed to fish the challenging conditions

you meet when fishing a narrow to

medium river, where you want your fly to

come down fast and also to swing fast. A

triple density line like this, let alone for this

purpose, has never existed before. We are

therefore very excited to be the first to introduce

it to the fly fishing market.

The idea to design the Ultra Heads was inspired

by some of the best Danish fly anglers,

who spend countless hours at Danish

salmon and sea trout rivers every year.

The heads are beautifully tapered with a

delayed turnover capability, which ensures

perfect precision and presentation. For

best results and to complete the setup, the

Ultra Heads should be used with our Logic

Leaders and Logic Running Lines.

Our goal is to make life easier for you,

so that you can enjoy your fishing even

more. Here we believe we’ve truly succeeded

Float/Int/sink 2 6.8 m/22.3 feet Cr./lt.bl/grey g

Float/Int/sink 4 6.5 m/21.3 feet Cr./lt.bl/lt.br. g

Salmologic Short Cut 24g
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